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Ant Warz!

6 May

So it’s been a while…….long story of chasing real estate in the LA market.Yeash, that’s a whole other blog or book.

But here I am in a 125 year old house in ‘da hood’ that has been severely abused for at least, the last, um, 30? I’ve decided the ants must have a nest under this house the size of Rome cuz no matter what I do or how many ‘hills’ in the yard I destroy. They’re baaaaack!  In massive numbers.

So I try new methods. The herbal methods did not get rid of the fleas. Resorted to pesticides. Ugh, if you know me, you know how I hate pesticides on so many levels! I won’t go into my hate of pesticides now. That’s a later rant.

Step 1) of new ant removal experiment.

1 part Borax 20 Mule Team All Natural detergent booster

3 parts sugar

Couple tablespoons of peanut butter

Mix to a soupy texture

Step 2)

Place in old plastic container (yogurt, butter, whatever)

Punch nail holes into it and replace lid

Step 3)

Put container near ant trail. Careful to put it our of reach of children, dogs, etc ( I think my dog ate half, but just had bad diarrhea)

Step 4) Wait and hope it gets taken to the Queen which is the only way to kill the colony.

UPDATE! OK so it’s day 3 and the ants quit going to the bait station. They are gone inside but still huge troupes moving outside. I know I need to get to none or they will just come inside again. They are smart I see. So I’m going to figure out what food they cannot resist and bait the Borax with that. Perhaps chicken fat. I’ll let you know.

ants in my kitchen

ants in my kitchen

Week 2

The ants didn’t really go for the peanut butter mixture. Did more investigation on some University research links. Forget Orkin sites and the like. They just give you the basics to lure you into buying their service. I told you, I’m serious about this shit. I declared ANT WARz! I mean it.  I think I identified the little F–#er’s. Tetra-something or other in Latin. But really that doesn’t matter. All you do is figure out their loves. In what food they love, dumb-dumb not their mating habits. Then, I’m reading you have to think long term, and, gasp, you’ll never get em all?! They don’t know who they’re dealing with here. But I am thinking long term now. I can be patient. Plan my attacks.

So I did an experiment with ground up chicken. Bammo! That seems to be their crack. Mixed it up like the recipe above and entertained them like treasured house guests in my kitchen. Took em about 5 days, then they seemed to loose interest or maybe I killed a few billion. But they still hover around.

Next I went outside and tried to feed em where they were marching. That same place I’ve hunted and killed ’em for 6 solid months!? Where I thot I was winning the war cuz I killed so many. Not!

Did more research.

I have noticed them climbing my citrus trees in marching droves. A link to their food habits? And why do they eat inside but not outside? Bammo! Cuz (duh?) they’re well fed outside. Little bast**tards are feeding off either aphids on my fruit trees or the fruit or the sap. Again, no matter. Must first take care of availability/accessibility to #1 food source. NO MORE PESTICIDES. That’s short term thinking.

Lime rings around the citrus trees are next. Block their path. Then offer em up some food again…… (insert evil Janet laugh) I’ll get em more interested in my Kool-Aid. I’ll keep you posted! The Ant Warz have just begun!

Mint deters ants!

Mint deters ants!