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Artichoke Crop 2013

19 May

articokeWEB DSC_0001


Been busy gardening and putting content on my new website – is an homage to my favorite indie things in LA so have been neglecting this blog.

My 2013 artichoke crop is doing spectacular! The horse-shit amendments compliments of the LA Equestrian Center are key. I put a thick layer around the base of all the plants. The result is a taste explosion in the arties with an aroma when cooking, that is like no store bought specimen- commercially grown organic or not. You can smell and taste thistle with a sweet and vaguely smokey flavour.

This is all done in my front yard. I ripped out the lawn years before it was fashionable to grow fruits and vegetables.  My garden is usually in the West Side Garden Show. Artichoke plants are super cool looking too, as you can see.  My Artichoke cropI will let the last shoots bloom forth as a purple flower which then evolves into a giant dinosaur looking dandelion/seedpod. Because every stage of an artichoke’s life is beautiful they are such fun to grow.  I try to give away the seeds. Have left little envelopes for people walking by, but no one ever takes them in my neighborhood. I need to post a notice and mail them to people who are into it. As long as you have good augmented soil ( LA  indigenous soil is nasty clay) and water – they are easy to grow!! The same plant comes back every year here in So Cal.