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A Tomboy’s Idea of ‘Manicure’.

25 Jun

I just finished filming  “Nursery Rhyme”, playing the lead, Mary Hubbard. The crew were spectacular as were the director, the writer & the rest of the cast. This isn’t a plug for the movie, tho I think it’s going to be a really cool film. This is about how to recover from 14 hr a day shoots, a grueling, non-stop schedule, add a few stunts thrown into my usual trip and fall routine and I came out bloody &  bruised with wide open, bloodshot, eyes. Blue plus red makes purple? My theme color at the end. Boy do I need some beauty treatments.

Heres my secret to keeping mechanic’s hands looking soft and supple while doing all things ‘boy’ without looking like or having mechanic’s hands.

Ever since the olden days, back when I was showing horses and my dad raided my hunter jumper first aid kit for his hockey team – I have always looked for industrial strength remedies for my own’ hunting & jumping’.

This stuff rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Way better than any hi end ‘spa treatments’ , bag balm, pedicure lotions, lanolin or petroleum based cremes. Put this stuff on your hands,  feet, elbows, lips – whatever. Preferably before bedtime or on your hands before your rubber gloves and working on the truck du jour. You’ll be amazed.

Now if I could just figure out how to slather it on my face with a plastic bag over me while I sleep and still be able to breathe….I’ll have discovered the cure for wrinkles and emerge like a baby from the womb!

There is only one horse supply place I’ve found in Los Angeles that has it. The feed store at Topanga Canyon & PCH  in Malibu.

Couple Hoof Alive with 7mil Western Safety Heavy Duty rubber gloves to do your mechanic, fix-it or gardening.  Your hands will be ready for their close up or at least your mate won’t wince when you touchy feely in those baby soft places.