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A new boy in the hood!!!

29 Dec

He’s a little rough around the edges. OK- he’s downright rusted threw on one side.

First day home. Got towed from Oly’s mechanic to mine.

So I found this great guy at Golden Eagle Auto Body and Paint who has the love and is showing.

Sam at Golden Eagle Auto Body

It’s a 1965 Mustang Coupe I bought off SEO major expert Oliver Bodnar of OneArmSEO just before he bailed on the good ol’ U S of A to Mexico.

Yes I’ve been busy working on my new car. The Carburetor was not giving me a smooth ride initially so I had to clean it out and found it was not bolted down completely.

Thank you to my brother for telling me to check the simple things first. WOW what an easy car to work on. It’s a straight six. Yes, they made them for ‘stangs back then. No one believes me. It will be good on gas.

And he still has the deep rumble like a bad boy.

Original colour is pretty cool! A greenish blue.

The original colour is in there. Yellow primer at one time?

I’ve also been trying to clean out the veggie fuel lines on the Benz so it’s good to go. I have to sell her. Just don’t have the room for so many cars.

Sam working hard on the car over Xmas even tho I told him to take his time. Really great guy!