Invasive Species Recipe

26 Jul

I went out to harvest some tomatoes the other day and look what greeted me.


So I did some research for my little problem.

A while back, a genius article was written in the New York Times about how we should be eating invasive species, titled, A Diet for an Invaded Planet, authored by James Gorman.

After all, our beloved tomatoes are really just a weed we figured out how to make lots of delicious things with. Why not weed-like animal species that do-no-good and over run native species of, say, the indigenous red squirrel? It’s called an eco-culinary frisson. Vegans, freegans, locavores – meet the invasivores.

What do squirrels do that is beneficial?  They’re just rats with fluffy tailmuffs keeping that scaly tail cute. They used to feed the coyote and mountain lions before we took over this area.

So I found a recipe. It sounds good and I’d like to encourage the cooking of.  Plus, I like the humor of the author.

  • 2 hindquarters per person.
  • Wrap in bacon with a sprig of rosemary or sage inside each.
  • Place on a bed of onions, bell peppers and mushrooms.
  • Pour chicken stock in bottom of pan with a splash of sherry and sliced chestnuts (just for the irony).
  • Cover and bake in a low oven for about four hours or so.

I’m always adding to recipes – even before I test/taste them. So I would take it a step further and braise the drumsticks in a nice, honey-nut, peanut sauce (pay-backs a bitch!) and skip the chicken sherry cooking stock.

It’s said to taste like lean, firm rabbit. Tho there are many interesting comments by readers at the blog, squirrel stew. Just type those key words into if you’re feeling frustrated by the squirrels eating all the fruits of your garden love. And next time you see a squirrel in your garden, you’ll smile.

Happy Cooking!



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