My Zebra tomato had it’s 1st child.

2 Jul

It’s so beautiful I don’t want to eat the first born. Just take pictures of it. Maybe iconize it in acrylic on canvas.

I did my usual horse-manure spread, followed by augmenting the soil with feathers and gobs of half rotten seaweed from my walks on the beach (I often wonder what people think when they see me collecting fly encrusted blobs of seaweed?) * I pick up trash as I go too, cause it infuriates me so, not to mention the obvious. Anyways, I read these ingredients off the $20 an oz dime-bag of soil they were selling at the tomato show.  Also included are seashell fragments and then water with my usual stinky pot, sun tea ‘secret mixture’ as needed.

My 1st Zebra Tomato

More tomatoes than I’ve ever grown! And I’ve grown heirloom tomato’s before. I’d get 1 or 2 then the plant would get some weird white stuff on it’s leaves, wither up and die. Did I mention I’m an organic gardener? I use a lot of stinky shit.

Yes. I’m going to use swearwords, street slang, acronyms I make up and whatever else. Sometimes things just need to be expressed that way. BUT I am also going to use words I had to look up cause they’re so super-cool, when I read the New York Times. (My favourite bedtime reading S.P.). And yes – that’s the Canadian spelling of favorite. Mix it up to keep it interesting…

And if I get a decent following: I might, maybe, one day, print the recipe 4 my secret stinky sun-tea mix to explode UR

roses, fruit trees and veggies in your garden. So please follow me on F.B. Twitter and here! Thanks for reading. GARDEN ON!!!


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