Do you fight with the squirrels over fruit?

22 Jun

New Age Scare Crow

I do.

They win.

But I’m making headway with the birds.

Today I hung CD’s I didn’t use anymore. It works! Tie them up like Christmas ornaments, but with lots of slack, so they blow and flicker in the breeze. The catch of the light and constant movement scares the birds away from eating my grapes as they ripen to that beautiful purple color.

The squirrels?  I’m going to get a hi powered BB gun to take care of  them. Or even better. The NY Times had an article about eating invasive/overpopulated species. And I know my fluffy hood rats are well fed. Often, by some well meaning neighbour. I know this?Cause I find the peanut shells littered on the ground and these squirrels are fat.


Does squirrel taste like chicken?



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